Principles of Education: Patriotism Project

Sam Lee, Assistant Editor of Photography/Tech

The Principles of Education class started their “patriotism project” on October 20th after deciding to cancel their original “mock election” they were planning on doing. They wanted to encourage voting and participation in the American democratic process. 

“This is an election year and we talked about the importance of supporting your country and being patriotic,”  teacher Rhonda Walker said. “We just want to promote patriotism during the times of an election.”

Students take the class to gain skills necessary to get insight on not only how they could be a teacher, but whether or not they would want to. The use of their patriotism project is to help think of ways to further their knowledge in finding new ways to engage their future classroom.

“We talk about ways that they can implement things in their classroom in the future,” Walker said. “They are creating different things [as] a way of being patriotic around the school.”

Not only does this class give students the ability to think critically about what goes on within the classroom, but how to involve students that otherwise wouldn’t be. It gives students the ability to take pride in their culture, or take pride in a culture that they previously may not have known much about. 

“This project as someone from another country is really weird to see, but gives me a lot of insight on American culture,” sophomore Sarah Kramer said. “I’m happy to take part in this class, and I’m happy to learn about what education is like in other cultures.” 

Election day was on November 3rd and the importance of it will determine America’s future for the upcoming years. Walker’s end goal is for civic engagement in the students, to be patriotic, and establish love for America.

“I think it’s important and we are so blessed to live in a country with such freedoms,” Walker said. “I want my kids to look at that and promote that regardless of what party they are in.”