Auxiliary Gym Gives Convenience to Students Across Campus


The bond made the new auxiliary gym possible. It now serves as not only a gym for practices, but games for JV and freshman as well.

Joshua Smith, Managing Editor of Entertainment and Editorials

As part of the construction granted by the 2019 bond, a new auxiliary gym has been built. The new gym allows the Star Steppers, Pep Squad, volleyball and cheer to have a new space to practice and perform.  

“It’s been really nice to have the new gym,” Star Stepper director Keri Pierce said. “Having access to a space more often and having a locker room dedicated to us makes it to where they don’t have to spend half of their practice time finding somewhere to have practice, ensuring that we get a lot more done.”

The new gym also opens up the amount of volleyball or basketball games that can be played at once, doubling the amount possible. This allows freshmen games to be played at the same time as junior varsity, giving both the chance to watch varsity. 

“The new auxiliary gym is very helpful for us on game days,” head volleyball coach Jessica Camp said. “We are able to pull both bleachers out for the varsity match because freshmen play in the new aux gym.”

An unexpected benefit of the new gym is how much it opens up space and makes some of the athletic Covid-19 restrictions easier to manage.

“My favorite part about the new auxiliary gyms is not having to ride the busses all together to go somewhere else for practice and being able to arrive at practices on our own time,” senior Riley Kindle said. “Not only is having a dedicated place really convenient, it is a godsend for trying all of the new things that we have to do because of COVID.”