Singing for Joe

Lindale community puts on music event for injured firefighter

      HIS Music Ministries held a benefit March 6 in honor of Lindale Firefighter Joe Yeakley. There was food, including fajitas, and music from LHS graduate Casey Rivers. Plus, our very own vice-principal, Mr. Tomlin, accompanied the musical entertainment by playing the drums.

 “I think that this benefit makes our community look great,” Tomlin said. “It’s all about helping the Yeakley family out. That’s really the reason that it is being put on; it’s for him.”

 There were many volunteers at the PAC helping with the benefit. Joey King, Neil DeWolf, Steve Harden, and Brad Harden were among these helpers. Also, Lindale High School Principal, Mr. Neal, attended the fundraiser.

 “I think that this benefit plus all of the others that have been held is awesome,” Neil said. “It shows our community’s support for Joe Yeakley and his family.”

 Also at the fundraiser there was an autographed guitar auction and other activities. This benefit alone raised about $13,000 in donations for the Yeakley family. There are different ways in which students and the rest of the community may still contribute to the family. Donations can be made in person at any Texas Bank & Trust; they can be mailed to Lindale Volunteer Fire Dept., For Benefit of Joe Yeakley,  P.O. Box 8 Lindale, TX 75771. Blood donations are being taken as well at any Carter Blood Center.

 “I think that these actions make Lindale different because others that I have been in usually don’t reach out as much as this community has for one man,” Tomlin said. “It’s very impressive, and tremendous. I can only imagine if I were in his situation and  how appreciative the family must be.”