Sophomore Wins State Art Contest


Photo by the Martinez family

Sophomore Mariana Martinez presents her art work.

Sam Lee, Assistant Editor of Photography/Tech

Sophomore Mariana Martinez recently won the state-wide “You Are What You Eat Art Contest” in the middle/high school division. The results were released during the COVID-19 quarantine in the spring of 2020.  

I felt my submission won because it is very colorful, creative, and eye catching,” Martinez said. “I [was] surprised because I thought the contest was cancelled due to COVID-19.”

You Art What You Eat” was a state-wide art contest that engaged students K -12 in learning about healthy nutrition through art. 

“Mariana’s artwork will inspire the posters created and sent to school cafeterias all over the state,” art teacher Rebecca Harrison said. “In this way the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) hopes to inspire good nutrition habits and combat many of the nutrition related issues facing young people today.”

The theme this year was “Blast Off With A Healthy School Lunch.” Through Mariana’s use of space and imagination she was recognized for her creative creation.

“State recognition is always a good thing, no matter what goal you are trying to attain,” Harrison said. “If she does pursue higher education in the field of art, this accomplishment is definitely something to include in her art school resume and portfolio.”

Harrison helped Mariana win the art contest. During the quarantine, Martinez manages to complete her art and proceeds to get first place in the contest.

Mrs. Harrison was the first person who told me about the contest and guided me to the right path, even [during] the hard times,” Martinez said. “She believed in me, [which] gave me courage to keep going.”