Bond Construction Ahead of Schedule [Part III]


by Neda Morrow

The front entrance of the highschool mid-construction. Bond construction is set to finish in August

Zach Jones, Assistant Editor of Sports and Copy

Bond construction is continuing during the coronavirus outbreak as the halls of the high school are empty. Recently, demolition on the main hallway and cafeteria has begun as construction crews are working hard to upgrade the high school campus.

One positive in all this mess is that construction is really progressing well,” Deputy Superintendent Jamie Holder said. “The demolition of the main hallway and cafeteria have begun 6 weeks early which really frees up our timeline.”

With construction workers marked as “essential,” the emptiness provided by the coronavirus has allowed construction crews to work more efficiently and has ensured they will meet the August 2020 deadline.

“The added classroom space and cafeteria space is what I’m most excited about for next year,” principal Jeremy Chilek said. “We’ve had several teachers the past few years sharing classrooms and have run out of room.”

The auxiliary gym is 85% complete, and the indoor facility is almost complete except for the turf. The new entryway at the high school is about 75% complete as the construction continues.

“The indoor facility is honestly what most interests me,” junior Kelsey Schwartz said. “The band will begin practicing there next year, and it will be a massive change compared to the parking lot we have been marching on.”

This week they will begin work on the cafeteria connection, cafeteria expansion and restroom relocation. Crews are also working on a new front entrance that is currently in progress.

“Crews have been working each day, as construction is considered to be ‘essential’ by our county,” Chilek said. “We are projecting that all areas of construction for our high school will be complete by the beginning of August, and we are on schedule for that time frame.”