District Moves to Online Curriculum, WiFi Options Available

District Moves to Online Curriculum, WiFi Options Available

Kevin Willis, Staff Writer

     Because of the recent pandemic, Lindale ISD has taken the initiative to move to an online curriculum. For students in a household with no internet access, there are still alternative ways to participate.

     “Some are doing their work on their cell phone,” instructional technology specialist Rhonda Walker said. “Also, some are using hot spots from their phones.”

      If the student does not have a hotspot on their cell phone there are still other ways to get their work. Lindale ISD, as well as third-party internet providers are working with offering other solutions.

     “Lindale ISD is trying to provide students with wifi hotspots if they do not have wifi access at home,” Walker said. “In addition, Altice USA is offering 60 days of free broadband internet for those not currently signed up for service to help students stay connected and learn during this time.”

    It will still be the student’s responsibility to get their work on time. They can get in touch with their teachers to clear any misunderstandings. Students can also contact district officials if they do not have access to the internet.

     “Students should be communicating with teachers by email if they feel they are not seeing work from their classes,” Walker said. “Teachers are understanding and willing to work with students who need additional time to get access to wifi.”

     It is an inconvenience, but LISD is working to improving the experience for all students. 

     “Lindale ISD is committed to providing learning opportunities to students while schools are closed,” Walker said. “Hopefully, having school online will help reduce the spread of COVID-19.”