How to Start a YouTube Channel


Kevin Willis, Staff Writer

 YouTube. It is the holy grail of online entertainment and the grandfather of all the new little baby platforms such as Vine and TikTok. Success on Youtube is highly sought after and today we’re going to give you some key points to be the next YouTube star. 

  1. Create Your Channel

 The first step is to create your channel. Before you ever even touch making your first video there is quite a bit of strategic planning for your channel. You have to decide the name of your channel– is it going to be simple or kind of goofy? Or the type of content you’ll post– will it be informative, entertaining, or a little bit of both? These are all questions you have to ask yourself, and to make the process easier, try looking at some of your favorite channels and modeling the look of your channel after them. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of different channels, so you want to make your content adds something new to the table and interesting enough to make people want to watch your videos. 

2. Get Your Equipment

     The second step is to make your first video. There’s a couple of key factors that need to go right here. You don’t need super fancy equipment or the best software to make a good video. You can just use your trusty dusty phone camera and the free iMovie app to edit. The key factor for a good video is proper lighting, and you can find inexpensive portable lights on amazon or anywhere else. Then your location. Whether you want to film it in your room or in France,  the scenery goes a long way to setting the mood and tone of your video. 


3. Upload Your Video

     After you finish that video you’re gonna want to upload it to YouTube. There you figure out your title, the description of the video, any tags you want to put on it, and picking a good thumbnail. It’s important to take these steps very seriously because a good title can be the difference between one view and one HUNDRED views. 


4. Self Advertise

      After that video is uploaded you need to do some self advertising. Take advantage of your other social media platforms and put a link of your video on your Snapchat story and tell all your friends to check it out. Or better yet, send it to your mom and let her hype you up on her Facebook account to all of her friends. There are plenty of ways you can get people to look at your video, you just have to be persistent enough. 


5. Now Keep Uploading! 

     And speaking of persistence, the only way you can build your channel is if you upload consistently and you upload quality work. The biggest thing on Youtube is to keep trying because you have to remember, when a youtube channel is started, it starts from ground zero. Only through consistent effort and getting your name out is anything gonna be successful for you. Youtube may be fun, but it is far from easy.