Library Enacts New Policy Regarding Overdue Books


Phoenix Pittman, Staff Writer

The library  give out detentions to students who do not return or renew their library books one month past the book’s due date. When a student checks out a book, they have two weeks to either renew or deposit the book back or it is overdue. 

 “We’ve started to run reports every Monday so students will get a notice if their book is overdue,” Rhonda Walker, district librarian and digital media instructional specialist, said. 

These reports highlight which student checked out which book and when that book is due. After Christmas break, this report concluded with 58 pages of students who had overdue books that needed to be renewed or deposited. 

“This year at the beginning of the school year, [some] English classes came to the library and checked out book[s], which is great and I love it,” Walker said. “I love that the English teachers are encouraging students to read, [but] with that thought [there] comes more responsibility on the students to turn in the books when they are finished.”

Currently, the library has about 22 pages of students who are about to be given detentions because of overdue books and fines for iPad repair. Each page in their report contains eight to nine students who have not turned an overdue book in. 

“I think students should [check out books] because they’re fun to read and students need a break from school sometimes,” freshman Krissy Dearing said. “Students get behind and forget sometimes and there’s consequences, but it’s also gonna make us get our stuff together and be more responsible.”