A Coronation Like No Other

Abby Somes Named Coronation Queen

Brady Blaylock

Marlee Sorrells, Editor-in-Chief

She stands on stage in her beautiful, sparkling dress, hand clasped in the crook of her escort’s arm. Almost if from a dream, her name is spoken into the microphone. It’s overwhelming, the lights beating down, the cheers, the clapping, but it’s all surrounded with love. Senior Abby Somes takes a step forward and receives her well deserved crown.

Somes was announced as Coronation Queen on Saturday. She was nominated along with Seniors Bella Yoder, London Reue and Elizabeth Montgomery.

“I really want[ed] Abby Somes to win,” Yoder said. “She is literally the queen herself. She’s super selfless and kind and I think she totally deserves it.”

Somes is described as sweet, caring and compassionate by the communities around her. She is a part of the Pathfinders and Community Based Instruction Life Skills Program.

“I’m so proud of Abby for being nominated,” Somes’ sister Alli Somes said. “She completely deserves this because she is an absolute light to everyone in LHS.”

Yoder is involved in FFA and NHS and is a part of the cheerleading squad. She is described as a hard worker, and welcoming and kind by her friends, family and teachers.

“It was definitely a surprise, but I felt honored to be nominated,” Yoder said. “I was super excited but kind of nervous at the same time, because I don’t really like being up in the front.”

Reue was nominated by the large community of people she’s built through playing volleyball and softball. They describe her as funny, kind and friendly.

“It’s really exciting and also a lot of my friends are nominated for other things so getting to be on stage with them will be a good experience,” Reue said. “It’s really nerve wracking but it’ll be really fun. I think it’ll be a good memory to look back on.”

Montgomery is involved in UIL and NHS. She is described as funny, smart and a good friend.

“One of my friends in the hall passed me and said “hey I voted for you” so I told AJ that it would be funny if I was nominated,” Montgomery said. “So a group of my friends and I voted. Somehow, I got nominated.”

Lindale High School has put on Coronation for more than  40 years. It is a way to honor those students who represent Lindale with honor and distinction.

“I love the legacy of Coronation,” Coronation director Keri Pierce said. “It is a long standing tradition in Lindale, and we look forward to it every year. It is something that connects us to our community and our past.”

Abby Somes was nominated by the senior class to represent them in this year’s Chinese New Year themed event. She was given her crown and roses by Principal Jeremy Chilek.

“I feel honored to be with the other three nominees,” Abby Somes said. “I’m excited about my friends getting to be in coronation.”