Behind the Mask

Junior Nicholas Beitel Takes Flight as Mascot

Samuel Young and Brock Hines

He dashes across the sidelines, raising his fists and shouting chants to the crowd of screaming fans. As he smiles to himself behind the mask, junior Nicholas Beitel wonders if they know who their school mascot really is.

“I’ve always been a big football fan,” Beitel said. “When I was little I always wanted to get loud and get all the fans excited.”

Beitel has been the school mascot for the past two years. He has gone to every varsity football game, as well as every pep rally.

“Nic has such a big heart and the most positive outlook of anyone I’ve ever met,” Principal Jeremy Chilek said. “He is an outstanding mascot because he genuinely loves our football team and wants us to be successful. I am thankful to know him as he is such a positive inffluence on everyone around him.”

Beitel has always loved football and has been playing since he was in seventh grade. He took the opportunity to become the school mascot his sophomore year.

“Nic has been a fantastic addition to the football sidelines,” cheerleading coach Christy Bateman said. “His infectious love of the game, and of course the Lindale Eagles, is comparable to no other.”

Beitel had always thought about signing up to become the mascot and was asked about it often by his friends and family. He decided that it was a good idea and spoke to the cheerleading coaches.

“Nic has done an outstanding job,” cheerleading coach Stacie Wheeler said. “He is always positive and willing to do whatever is asked of him. He supports and watches over the cheer team, and he loves cheering for the varsity football team.”

This is Beitel’s last year as the school mascot because he will be playing for the varsity football team next year, which will take his Friday nights. He has been able to be the school mascot and play for the last two years because he has played on the junior varsity team, which plays on Thursdays.

“Nic is a very uplifting person,” Bateman said. “It has been a pleasure sharing the Friday Night Lights with him.”