Student of the Month: Raul Duran [November]



LHS Principal Jeremy Chilek gave out the November L.E.A.D (Lindale Eagle Award of Distinction) honor to sophomore Raul Duran today.

“Raul is an outstanding individual who’s always helpful with everyone around him,” Principal Jeremy Chilek said. “He’s one that teachers brag about in the classroom, always wanting to help, always being a leader in the classroom, and I’m always proud of everything he does and the way he represents our school and our campus.”

The L.E.A.D. honor is specifically given to students who stand out for their leadership, positive attitude, excellent character, and the values associated with being a Lindale Eagle.

“It’s surprising,” Duran said. “I wouldn’t expect to get picked.  I’ve never gotten an award like this before, never really gotten noticed, so it’s something different.”