The Baseball Team Holds The Annual Monster Mash


Lian Boone

Tyler Talent works the dart game. The baseball team held their annual monster mash.

Brock Hines, Staff Writer

The baseball team held their  Annual Monster Mash on October 29 at the Eagles Baseball field. The event serves as a fundraiser for the team.

“The team really enjoys the night,” head coach Richard Sanguinetti said. “It allows them to have fun and help the community kids have a good time.”

Monster Mash is a festival like an event that has all of the participants dressing up in their Halloween costumes. The baseball players will hand out candy and interact with children that are attending and will cost five dollars to attend.

“The Monster Mash is a fun, unique way for the baseball team to get out of their shell, fostering stronger interpersonal relationships throughout the tread,” senior Autumn Ellgass said. “It creates a healthy competitive relationship that the team can build on throughout the year.”

 Prior to the game, attendees will take pictures with their favorite baseball players. After the mash, players will attend the game in their costumes as the start of their season. 

“The game boosted the overall spirit of the team,” Everest said. “It gave us a taste of what is coming in the spring and motivated us to get back to work and be productive before the season comes around.”

The annual Halloween game has been around since October of 2014. Last year, they turned it into a fundraising event.

“The Halloween Monster Mash game definitely benefits the team by giving us a fun source of competition,” junior Bryce Everest said. “Especially with everyone putting in tons of great work and getting better so far this offseason.”