Students Bring Symbolic Objects for Writing Project


Seniors Aaron Sullivan, Emily Wright, and Eddie White listen to teacher Beth Huse after an emotional speech by Sullivan. “I wasn’t expecting this type of emotion from the project,” Huse said. “I’m very proud of them for opening up and being vulnerable with this project.”

Marlee Sorrells, Editor-in-Chief

The business English class recently wrote essays over objects that hold symbolic meaning to them. This is a project that has done for many years and has had great success.

“This is business English, so it’s not like regular English classes,” teacher Beth Huse said. “It’s all about getting ready for the world, and sometimes you’ll have to write a personal narrative. I thought writing about a special object in their lives would be a neat way to incorporate personal narratives in my class.”

The business English class is a class meant to prepare students for the types of writings they are going to do in the future. This particular writing is an essay meant to show the writer’s emotions and opinions or beliefs.

“You never know when you are going to need to write in the future,” Huse said. “This was meant to introduce them to personal narratives under the guise of a symbolic object.”

Not only does this class prepare them with writing skills, this class helps the students build resumes and develop interviewing skills. It also builds up the students confidence in their abilities to do things like speaking in front of a group.

“I’ve had a few trials and triumphs in this school,” senior William Erwin said. “This project reminds me that I’m not alone and helps me remember to not take things for granted, even the small things.”

The students were encouraged to pick an object that has special meaning to them and write an essay over why it means so much to them. During class, Huse would have her students speak about the object to help them through the writing process.

“I brought my grandpa’s t-shirt, because of the memories tied to it,” senior Alliah Sewell said. “He used to wear it every day to everything. It always reminds me of the good times I had with him.”