Lindale students place at Van tournament

Lindale’s UIL Academics Team placed 2nd overall at the Van Fire and Ice Tournament this weekend.  Individual award winners include:


Carolyn Kelm and Nathan Terrien  tied for 4th in calculator.

Computer Science

3rd Place: Noah Clayton

Computer Applications:

3rd Place:  Ryan Clayton

5th Place:  Noah Clayton

Current Issues and Events

Logan Herrera: First Place (CE)

Brenton Browne: Second Place (CE)


Christian Smith was 3rd in Science

Daniel Gurthe was 5th in Science


2nd CX Debate – Barron Wolter/Jonas Thrasher-Evers

3rd LD Debate – Brenton Browne

3rd LD Debate – Charles Turner

*Charles and Brenton tied for 3rd

2nd Informative – Jonas Thrasher-Evers

3rd Informative – Brenton Browne

6th Congressional Debate – Sarah Havens

Journalism–2nd place team overall

News–1st–Jessie Elliot, 6th–Bethany Thompson

Feature–5th Bethany Thompson, 6th–Jessie Elliot

Editorial–1st–Lily Hering, 2nd –Jessie Elliot, 5th–Bethany Thompson

Headline–4th–Jessie Elliot