Upcoming Varsity Football Game at Christus Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium

Sam Lee, Assistant Editor of Photography/Tech

The Lindale Varsity football team will play at the Christus Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium in Tyler on for their first regular-season game. Kick-off is set to take place at 7:30 pm. 

“I think we are prepared,” head football coach Chris Cochran said. “We improve each time we practice and we feel very good and confident.”

Tickets will be sold at the front office at Lindale High School for three dollars per student, six dollars for adults, and eight dollars for everyone at the gate of Rose Stadium. Attendees will only be allowed to carry in bags that are no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” and will have to be clear, plastic, vinyl, or PVC.

“As of right now, things are looking very similar [to last season], but that might change in the middle of the season,” head football coach Chris Cochran said. “One change that is notable is the fact that we will play more guys on both sides of the ball instead of just strictly on offense or defense.”

Each individual experience is different for players coming from JV to varsity. The football players talk and watch about their film and fix their weaknesses.  

“This is my first year on varsity, [and] this season I’m looking forward to improving even more than I did last year,” junior Moses Medrano said. “[Varsity] generally gets more attention than JV does, and the games are more stressful with everyone watching.”

The varsity football players gain lots of knowledge, bond with their teammates, and experience new moments together. The time spent on the field creates a culture in the team.

I love watching how teams mesh and love each other as well as improve from week to week,” Cochran said. “I’m a big believer in culture and I want to see our culture improve and grow even more to where we want it to be.”