Freshmen Prepare for the Upcoming Year at Fish Camp

Freshman compare their schedules during Fish Camp.

Haley Bass and Zach Jones

Freshman met at Fish Camp on Thursday to get adjusted to the high school. Administrators spoke to students about the new policies in place and later showed the students around the school.

“We do the fish camp to give them the opportunity to orient themselves to our school and our building,” high school principal Jeremy Chilek said. “We hope to lessen the load on them because a lot of them are anxious and nervous coming in and here they get to see and recognize faces they already knew.”

At this orientation, new changes were discussed regarding dress code, attendance, discipline, and graduation requirements. For high school students, the dress code changed to prohibit any type of holes in jeans. 

“Fish camp was very informative,” freshman Krissy Dearing said. “It gave us tips to get along through the year and it was worth sitting through it.”

After the information session in the PAC, freshmen were escorted through the school by student leaders. They then went to the gym where they were introduced to a variety of clubs and organizations at the high school who had booths set up in the gym.

I would definitely say it is very important to join clubs,” junior Braden Heizer said. “Clubs are integral to the high school experience. I really enjoy the trips we go on and the experiences we create in these clubs.”

High school teachers are currently creating curriculum and preparing rooms for the upcoming year.

“I am always excited to have a new group of students coming up to work with,” speech teacher JP Fugler said. “I have heard great things about the class coming up, so I think there is lots of potential and opportunity and that’s always a great way to start the year.”