New Members Join Yearbook and Newspaper Staff

New Members Join Yearbook and Newspaper Staff

Jude Ratcliff, Managing Editor

     The newspaper and yearbook staffs are proud to welcome the 2020 school year’s new staff writers. There will be 29  members between both staffs. Although yearbook and newspaper members work on separate projects, they are all part of one LHS publications department.
     “I am so proud of the work newspaper has done this year.  They have worked so hard to provide timely coverage of student events to the school and the community.  I am so excited for our new group of officers and our new staff members. I am 100% confident that they will lead the newspaper program to even bigger and better things.”

     The new Eagle Eye newspaper staff members and officers include:

Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor–Colleen Starkey

Managing Editor–Jude Ratcliff

Josh Smith–Assistant Editor and Photo Editor

Brady Blaylock–Assistant Editor and Video Editor

John Parks– Assistant Editor and Photo Editor

Caroline Phillips–Social Media Editor

Sammy Young–Social Officer

New Staffers: Marlee Sorrells, Andrew Velarde, Brock Hines, Sam Lee, Kevin Willis, Haley Bass, Zach Jones, and Phoenix Pittman

     “I am so excited about the upcoming year for our yearbook program.  These students work very hard all year long to preserve the memories and legacy of LHS.  I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this awesome group of officers and new staff members.”

     The new Eagle yearbook staff includes:

EIC: Emma Grace Cox

Managing Editor: Sarah Carter

Assistant Managing Editor and Business Manager: Hope Nelms

Design Editor:  Grace Barr

Copy Editor: Andie Willoughby

Social Officer: Josie Covington

New Staffers: Vuong Nguyen, Vivi Lehmann, Miles Hill, Valerie Adams, Lian Boone, Liviya Simmons, Kayleigh Horstkamp, and Hannah Lee.