Students Prepare for Gatsby Gala

Samuel Young, Social Officer

  At the end of every year, juniors read The Great Gatsby and have an event in the gym celebrating the life of the 1920s. This event occurred  on May 22 and had talent acts, food, drinks and costumes that all took inspiration from this time period.

  “It’s super fun, and the students seem to really enjoy it,” English teacher Kristin Quarles said. “I also think it is a fun, different way to experience the novel.”

  Juniors got the opportunity to work with anyone from their grade level and had certain guidelines for their project. It had to be from the 1920s and be school appropriate.

  “It’s a lot of work, and it wears the teachers out,” Quarles said. “Although, it’s totally worth it to see the students be immersed in the 1920s and the novel.”

   The options for booths were photo booths, art, games, caricatures, making accessories or food. Performances can consist of singing, dancing or skits.

  “The creativity that students use always surprises me,” Quarles said. “It’s great time and gives students something to look forward to.”

  The Gatsby Gala has been in place for the past three years. Every year the juniors bring something new and interesting to the event such as speakeasies, dances or food from the 1920s.

  “We’re making a mobster-themed casino,” junior Lukas McCoy said. “I’m excited that we get to spend time with our friends in the 1920s.”   

  After the students submitted their plans for their projects, the English III teachers got together and planned what would be the best combinations of presentations for the gala. If the students didn’t want to perform or have a booth, they got to play mobsters.

  “The gala was lots of fun, and I’m glad I got to do it with some of my very good friends,” junior Madison Loforte said. “It was great to see everyone’s booths and to see everyone dressed up”