Theatre Releases Upcoming Cast Lists

The theatre department released the cast lists for the first two shows of next year and the list for their auditioned class.



The theatre cast for the recent One Act Play poses for a group picture. Many of the non-seniors are returning for the next year.

Annie Evans, Managing Editor

The theatre department released the cast lists for the fall shows for next year as well as the theatre productions class list on Wednesday. The directors chose to produce Picnic as a mainstage performance and Over the River and Through the Woods as a black box production.  

“We chose two productions to give students a chance to really develop characters,” director Kari McKenzie said. “We are excited to see how the kids grow throughout the season.”

This is the second year for the department to focus on two fall shows, with an additional musical before the One Act Play competition begins. The directors are working on both shows together, however, which is a difference from last year’s separated productions.

“We prefer working together,” director Taylor Jarman said. “We work well together, and bounce ideas and visions off of each other, which leads to an awesome show.”

The two plays are both dramatic with comedic elements involved. They will not go up at the same time, yet the order of shows has not been determined.

“I am ready to see what next year holds” sophomore Alex Gaba said. “There will be challenges, but it’ll be worth it for the memories we create.”


Cast Lists:

Picnic (Mainstage)

Kaleb Cole: Bomber

Haley Bass: Rosemary Sydney

Krissy Dearing: Christine Schoenwalder

Cameron Hilliard: Flo Owens

Kailee Huston: Irma Kron

Thinh Nguyen: Alan Seymour

Sarah Richardson: Helen Potts

Emma Routt: Millie Owens

Alli Somes: Madge Owens

Kevin Willis: Hal Carter

Tiago Wittenberg: Howard Bevans


Kaylea Clay: Stage Manager

Hannah Boyer

Nalany Hernandez

Jaret Allen: Understudy

Over the River and Through the Woods (Blackbox):

Emma Cook: Emma Cristano

Alex Gaba: Nick Cristano

Kayleigh Horstkamp: Caitlin O’Hare

Halle Lambert: Aida Gianelli

Vuong Nguyen: Frank Gianelli

Josh Smith: Nunzio Cristano


Zach Jones: Stage Manager

Caleb Lawrence

Savannah Lillich

Lathan Jones

Theatre Productions Class:

Jaret Allen

Haley Bass

Hannah Boyer

Kaylea Clay

Kaleb Cole

Emma Cook

Krissy Dearing

Alex Gaba

Cameron Hilliard

Nalany Hernandez

Kayleigh Horstkamp

Kailee Huston

Lathan Jones

Zach Jones

Halle Lambert

Caleb Lawrence

Savannah Lillich

Thinh Nguyen

Vuong Nguyen

Sarah Richardson

Emma Routt

Josh Smith

Alli Somes

Kevin Willis

Tiago Wittenberg