Finding a Future


Samuel Young

Senior Simon Young speaks with CORE Entertainment Group representative Mysti Cozart. Young plans to pursue a career in the music industry.

Haylee haxton, Assistant Editor of Copy and Social

   On April 16 and 17, the halls and classrooms were lined with booths and presentations for College and Career Week hosted by Counselor Tamica Collard. Students were given the opportunities to listen to each presenter of their choosing throughout the school day to learn about different career and college options.

   “Hosting College & Career Week is a time for students to potentially meet their future employer or mentor,” Collard said. “The event allowed for a variety of experiences in one convenient location [and also] benefits students by opening the door to a variety of opportunities for life after high school.”

   Many different presenters such as Veterinarians, school teachers, firefighters, F.B.I. Agents and graphic designers hosted booths on Tuesday and Wednesday. Career Week was followed by a “Reality Check” event that allowed students to learn to realistically budget based on a given career option. Prizes were given to students who did not “spend” over their budget.

  “I have been considering a career in law enforcement for a while now,” senior Makayla Ragland said. “Being able to ask experienced F.B.I. agents my questions about the process and being able to ‘budget’ for that career has really helped me prepare for my future.”

  Tyler Junior College had multiple representatives participate in Career Week to walk students through the processes of applying, registering and preparing for college classes, as well as help with choosing a major. Students have two opportunities to participate in Career Week throughout high school, as it is hosted every other year.

  “Many students, seniors especially, feel a lot of pressure on them to know what they want to do when they graduate,” teacher Amanda Speaker said. “I think having Career Week helps them realize just how many options there really are for them and make a more realistic view as to how to reach their goals.”