Winds of Change


Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Jude Ratcliff, Managing Editor

Everyone changes in High School. Students see things in themselves that they want to improve, or they’re forced to adapt to certain situations out of their control, or they just express a part of themselves that they normally wouldn’t. In my own life, I feel the person I was in my freshman year is not the same person I was as a sophomore or a junior, nor will I be the same person when I eventually become a senior.

Freshman year started with me moving away from my hometown in Texoma, two hours and 120 miles away from my current home in Lindale. During this time I was in every sense of the word, an introvert. This was most likely a product of my environment; not knowing anyone and being in an unfamiliar setting certainly didn’t inspire any sociable aspects of myself. I had a very small social circle during this time and mostly kept to myself, never daring to step out of what was familiar and comfortable.

Sophomore year was the year I really began to change and get used to being in Lindale. I joined the Newspaper class and other clubs and organizations during this time, and met one of my current best friends. I experienced friendship, heartbreak, sadness and joy all in the same week during my sophomore year, all wildly new emotions I hadn’t been used to until then. I felt like I was truly living and experiencing everything, instead of just living. My confidence began to grow, and I kept wanting to meet new people and be more open.

Junior year followed suit with the previous year. I had the privilege of meeting the new members of our newspaper staff, and saw a lot of myself in some of them– nervous, introverted and intimidated. The past few months, I’ve gotten to observe how they have grown and changed. Many of them have come out of their shells almost completely, and become outspoken members of the staff, accomplishing things on par with some officers.  

High school changes everyone, for better or worse. In adapting to new environments and experiences, we experience life in seperate and dynamic ways that shape the foundation of who we are. Nobody can predict how we turn out, all we can do is roll with the punches and see where life takes us.