Student Council Collects Shoes for Charity

Starting January 15, student council sponsor Dare Kirklin and the student council members are hosting a fundraiser to collect 2,500 pounds of shoes. The shoes collected will be sent to a company that will distribute them to multiple underdeveloped nations.

“It’s a good deal because most fundraisers are stuff you might not need,” Kirklin said. “This is something that benefits us, and it helps out multiple communities.”

Students can drop off their donations in rooms 104 and 224.The shoes provided may be gently worn or used, and can not have holes or extreme damage.

“It wasn’t a hard process,” Kirklin said. “I heard about it and contacted the president of the company and we set it up.”

The company distributing the shoes is named Funds2Orgs and operates with schools across America to gather shoes for involved countries. They set up small thrift stores for the shoes they collect and use the money acquired from these stores to help the community.  

“A lot of the things we do together are community service projects,” junior Haley Bass said. “I’m sure that the people of Lindale will be willing to help seeing as how it is something that is of no cost to them, and it’s for the greater good.”

The shoes are collected and sent to the company using small plastic bags and rubber bands Funds2Orgs provides to the school.  These shoes are then shipped to the organization to be distributed.

“I think it’s a creative idea considering that old shoes are something that most people have,” Bass said. “They’re also something that people in other places don’t have.”