Senior Starts Book Club


Bailey Spencer

The first meeting of the book club will be November 16 in the library after school. Senior Kamryn Horton organized it along with library teacher Allison Morrow.

Senior Kamryn Horton thought of the idea to start a book club earlier in September and asked librarian Allison Morrow to sponsor it. The first meeting of the new book club will take place on November 16 after school.

“I have had a lot of students interested in the club,” Morrow said. “I am pretty excited about getting together to share our ideas and see where we want to start off.”

Students will be involved with the structure of the club and discuss how often they want to meet, what books they want to read and fundraiser ideas. A couple of books that spark Horton’s interest for the club to read are The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and The Giver by Lois Lowry.

“When I read, I put myself in the place of the character, so it is as if I am the one going on all of these adventures,” Horton said. “Hopefully, I can share that experience in this club.”

When I read, I put myself in the place of the character, so it’s as if I am the one going on all of these adventures.””

— Kamryn Horton

Horton plans to focus on one book at a time, but if the group wishes, students can split off into groups to read different books.

“We are just going to figure it out as we go,” Horton said. “I know a lot of people’s schedules are hectic, and everybody likes different books.”

Horton was inspired by the idea when someone in her Money Matters class asked her what she was interested in. While talking one day, she asked Morrow to help since she has experience from being involved with a book club in her family.

“My hopes for this club is to connect with more readers because sometimes I feel like I am the only reader around,” Morrow said. “To connect with the readers and spark interest in reading for others who do not like to read is important to me.”