October Speech and Debate Results

Over the course of October, the Lindale Speech and Debate Team competed in a variety of tournaments (local and statewide).  We’re now gearing up for one of our largest tournaments ever here in Lindale.  November is an opportunity to focus more on our underclassmen and our preparations for UIL.  But December is where we will have some great tests.  Several of our tournaments had mainly underclassmen competing this month (one junior attended both of those). Individual results are available below and on our website (lindale4n6.weebly.com), but some highlights include two sweepstakes trophies (2nd and 2nd – with underclassmen), three TOC bids, two NIETOC bids, and two TFA State qualifications.
St. Mark’s Heart of Texas Invitational (October 12)
4th Congressional Debate – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19)
5th Congressional Debate – Zach Jones (19)

North Lamar (October 13) – 2nd Place Sweepstakes
1st Informative (Oratory) – Matthew Abrameit (’21)
2nd Varsity Policy Debate – Zach Jones (’21) and Josh Smith (’21)
2nd Informative Extemporaneous Speaking – Brock Hines (’21)
2nd Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking – Josh Smith (’21)
3rd Prose Interpretation – Autumn Ellgass (’20)
3rd Congressional Debate – Braden Heizer (’21)
4th Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking – Zach Jones (’21)

Plano West (October 19-20)
1st Informative (Oratory) – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19)
2nd Dramatic Interpretation – Maddie Mezzell (’19)
3rd Informative (Oratory) – Haley Bass (’20)
3rd Poetry Interpretation – Emma Cook (’20)
4th Humorous Interpretation – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19)
4th Poetry Interpretation – Jeremy Guidotti (’20)
4th Program of Oral Interpretation – Emma Cook (’20)
5th Poetry Interpretation – Autumn Ellgass (’20)
6th Prose Interpretation – Autumn Ellgass (’20)
Semifinalist Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19)
Semifinalist Program of Oral Interpretation – Jeremy Guidotti (’20), Maddie Mezzell (’19)

Kaufman High School (October 27) – 2nd Place Sweepstakes
1st Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking –  Josh Smith (’21)
1st Informative Extemporaneous Speaking – Zach Jones (’21)
1st Humorous Interpretation – Ainsley Smith (’21)
2nd Policy Debate – Caleb Cain (’22) and  Zach Jones (’21)
4th Policy Debate – Gavin James (’22) and Josh Smith (’21)
4th Informative Extemporaneous Speaking – Phoenix Pittman (’21)
4th Poetry Interpretation – Autumn Ellgass (’20)
4th Prose Interpretation – Autumn Ellgass (’20)
5th Prose Interpretation – Autumn Schoolcraft (’22)
6th Poetry Interpretation – Autumn Schoolcraft (’22)
5th Congressional Debate (Morning) – Braden Heizer (’21)
6th Congressional Debate (Afternoon) – Braden Heizer (’21)
6th Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Phoenix Pittman (’21)