Featured Faces: Jamie Thornton


Extracurriculars: Band

Hobbies Outside of School: Church, Watching tv, Playing video games

What Makes You Unique: I’m a pretty creative person

Talents: I sing, paint, and play instruments

Future Plans: Get my basics done at TJC and hopefully transfer to SFA

What’s on my TV: Glee, Big Brother, Keeping Up With the Kardashians

What I drive: 2008 Ford Focus

Favorite Movies: Greatest Showman, Frozen, Poltergeist

Favorite Music: Pretty much everything

Favorite Social Media: Snapchat

Superstitions: Everything

Worst Habit: Biting my nails

I would love to trade places for a day with: Lea Michele

Favorite Meal: Chicken fried chicken

Favorite Drink: Green tea

Talent I would most like to have: Dancing

Favorite Celebrity: Harry Styles

Favorite city to visit: Orlando

Greatest Love: Singing

My Hero: Elvis

Interests: Singing, playing ukulele and clarinet, learning new things

My Bucket List: Go to every Disney park in the world