Cruising into the future

Speech students use website for potential careers


Before the Texas legislature decided to allow five different tracks for testing, speech teacher Beth Thomson discovered the website Career Cruising. She has been using it for about five years for students to assess different careers for their future. They use it as a basis of course planning as well as the speech class.

 “The website is extensive,” Thomson said. “There is a common misconception that it is used for only assessment. However, it has been upgraded with a new interface and now provides information on colleges and financial aid; both public and private.”

 The students are able to choose a track for careers ahead of time. There are tests that the students must fill out about their likes and interests. This enables them to explore information as well as find specific colleges, careers, and plans for financial aid. It also allows the students to determine their exact strategy for their future.

 “I believe that this site is helping me with my future decisions,” Freshman Isabelle Hyde said. “It provides information on certain careers all in one place; it is much easier than using search engines such as Google.”

 The Lindale High School online site provides a link for this site. It is located in the “Family Access Center” on the homepage. The link permits students and parents to access the site at home rather than it being strictly a school project.

 “This site explains what courses you might need to take to do what you want,” Freshman Kailynn Blasingame said. “It tells you what you need to know about careers so that you know what you are getting yourself into.”