Athlete Spotlight: Senior Volleyball Captain Jennifer Moyer


Senior Jennifer Moyer prepares to pass the incoming ball. Moyer has played volleyball since fifth grade and is the captain and lead defensive player for the Lady Eagles varsity volleyball team.

The student section cheers her name as she prepares to serve the potential final point. It is a tight match, and this point could either send them to the playoffs or keep the game alive for the other team. She releases the ball and jumps, hitting it hard with her hand as it starts to fall. The ball easily sails over the net as a blocker for the other team dives for it. Then, the ball bounces on the hard floor of the court. The crowd erupts as her coaches and fellow players rush out to celebrate the victory. They have won the game and are headed to the playoffs.

Senior Jennifer Moyer plays the position of libero, or the main defensive specialist, for the varsity Lady Eagles’ volleyball team. She is the team captain and has been playing volleyball since fifth grade.

“Both of my parents played [volleyball], and ever since I was little that’s just what I’ve wanted to do,” Moyer said. “I like the adrenaline feeling whenever you step onto the court or when you do something really good and the crowd starts going wild.”

The volleyball coaches selected Moyer for the Eagle Eye athlete spotlight because of her ability and leadership both on and off the court. Her character was also considered.

“Jennifer is a defensive kid and so she flies across the court,” head coach Jessica Camp said. “She works her tail off every single day in practice and in games, and she probably hits the floor more than anyone else on the team and sets a great tone for the game.”

Her overall character as a person was also a deciding factor in her being selected. Her coaches tell about her qualities.

“She’s an incredible person,” coach Michele Namanny said. “She’d give you the shirt off her back. She’s very trustworthy and loyal; she just has an incredible sweet spirit about her. I think something that stands out about Jennifer would be her relentless work ethic. She is always willing to go the extra mile for her teammates, both on and off the court.”

Moyer’s favorite memories with the volleyball team are their team bonding days. She has known most of the girls for several years.

“My favorite memory is just in general all the team bonding days we have,” Moyer said. “Sometimes we will have a scavenger hunt around Lindale. One time we went to iJump. You just hang out with the team, and some of those girls I’ve been with for six years. It’s just a fun time to be involved with each other.”

Though she doesn’t play any sports in addition to volleyball, she plays club volleyball outside of school. Her club volleyball team is composed of girls from various schools in the area that play in tournaments year round, typically in Dallas.

“She is very solid in her passing skills and on defense, and then she also just has a great attitude,” Camp said. “She never gets frustrated or upset. She just keeps playing hard, and that brings the team together and encourages them and lets them know that they have a safety net behind them and that she’s gonna lead us and pick us all up when we’re down.”

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and watching Netflix, and her favorite show is ‘The Office’. For the future, Moyer may or may not attend college.

“I’m kind of on the fence about doing it,” Moyer said. “I don’t know if I want to go to college and play volleyball or if I want to go straight into missions and be a missionary around the world.”

The volleyball team is in good standing through the first round of district play to make the playoffs. Both on and off the court, the team’s leading defensive player and captain, Moyer has leadership skills and athletic ability to lead her team to victory.

“[Her playing style is] aggressive but graceful and relentless,” Namanny said. “She’s also very encouraging. She just has a positive presence on the court and kind of brings a sense of comfort to the rest of her teammates. They know that Jen’s gonna give everything she has for every single ball.”