Living Their Best Life On and Off the Field

Fellowship of Christian Athletes revives as an organization on campus

   Sleepy-eyed students shuffle into the lecture hall early in the morning. The lively, praise songs awaken them to finish the week strong . Led by the inspirational message for that week, athletes and students prepare to uplift fellow classmates and spread their beliefs . This group of students holds each other accountable through prayer and positive encouragement.

   Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is an organization that meets every Thursday at 7:15 in the morning. This student-led group consists of 50 to 60 members who strive to make a positive impact on the school and community.

  “We have annual events such as Fields of Faith coming up on October 10,” FCA sponsor Mark Sartain said.  “We serve and participate in things, such as See You at the Pole, Bring Your Bible to School Day, etc.”

    There are many differences between the club this year than in previous years. One major difference is the amount of participation in leadership. Leaders this year are seniors Jaden Taylor, Sarah Kiser, Braeleigh Flickinger and Gavyn Carpenter, juniors Carlee Pascual, Jacob Koeshall, Alton Daniels and Brinlee Pitts, sophomores Linsey Hawkins and Bethany Deupree and freshmen Emma Grotemat and Miranda Baker.

   “There are eleven officers who we just put the leadership in position,” Sartain said. “Last year we had three students interested in the leadership team, and the expansion of the leadership has expanded our opportunity to serve.”

   Leadership is taking active roles in the participation of FCA. They are conducting meetings, sharing testimonies and assisting in putting events together.

 “It’s near the end of the week, and it helps me refocus to God,” senior Sarah Kiser said. “I helps me finish the week really strong.”      

   FCA is open to all students and led by the athletes of the school. It is an opportunity for the athletes to use the campus as a platform in order to share the gospel with as many people as possible.

   “FCA has impacted the school in many ways,” Kiser said. “It definitely helps build a lot of the kids up, and it really gives [the school] a good atmosphere.”      

I think it’s a source of encouragement for the students who are believers”

— Mark Sartain

   For those of the Christian faith, FCA has a goal to make a positive impact on the school through the gospel.  With consistent attendance, they hope to reach 100 members by the end of the year.

    “I think it’s a source of encouragement for the students who are believers, and of course we encourage them to share their faith,” Sartain said.  “It gives those around us an opportunity to see Him work in us, to see the Christian life walked out, and hopefully it will attract them to want to be a part of that.”

    Not only does the club impact people around them, they impact each other and themselves. While being a role model to their classmates, they push themselves to make positive choices.

   “I would say that [FCA] has helped keep me accountable,” senior Braeleigh Flickinger said. “It has helped keep my actions as [Christ-like] as possible, and it keeps me more involved in school.”