How to Figure Out Life in High School


Bailey Spencer

Kaitlyn Barrington studies for many different classes. This describes the stress of a high school student trying to plan for their future.

About this time in my senior year, my friend is freaking out.  “It’s only week five,” she exclaims dramatically. Why does everyone seem to have their entire life figured out?”  Of course it is totally normal to have anxiety when friends realize high school is coming to an end. Everyone knows what college they want to attend and know where they will work. All of these people that we have seen almost every day for the past four years will soon be new faces.

In order to handle all of these new life changes, I am going to explain how I have figured my life out in high school.

Be yourself- My motto is “you do you.” These years in school are temporary, but they have had such an impact on molding me into the person I am. However, I have not let other people dictate my choices. We are all constantly around other teenagers everyday, yet everyone has an original personality. This unique personality is what will make you succeed in life.

Laugh often- I have never solved a problem by sulking around and being stressed about my future. If I want to come to a conclusion on a life predicament, I decide to have a positive outlook on all of the possibilities. I go bowling or go on a walk or fly a kite. Yes, I do actually own a kite and fly it when I’m bored. Laughing also relieves a ton of stress like the fact that you laughed at my kite.  

Talk to your parents- At first I did not want to talk to my parents about my future. What would they know about life right? When I finally decided to ask them for instruction, I did not regret it. They explained all of my options to me, even the ones that I did not know I had. Believe it or not, your parents want you to succeed. They are my number one fans in this game of life. I have continuous encouragement and support daily. Because of my mom and dad, I want to attend college and possibly even go on mission trips during my summers.

Do not make rash decisions- In the past, I have made a last minute decision because someone has forced me into it. I can say that I regretted making a choice that was not my own. Especially if it is an important life decision, I need to think about it first. No one knows your dreams or aspirations, so do not allow anyone to decide them for you.  

Find something that makes you happy- For the past three years I have had no idea what I want to do as a career. With all of the pressure of choosing an endorsement, I thought there was nothing out there for me. Finally I discovered that my mind works the best when I am joyful. When I am stressed, my brain goes into full worry-mode, and I cannot think straight. Whereas if I am playing games with my family or at the movies with friends, I know the real me.

Find the real you, and you can find out your future.”

— Kaitlyn Barrington

So during my senior year, I might not have my life figured out yet, but I do know who I am. I know where I want to go to college even if I do not know what I want to major. I am taking life one step at a time like it is meant to be.